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Saper Verdere (Knowing How To See)

Saper Verdere (Knowing How To See)

This was the foundation and fundamentals by which Leonardo Da Vinci lived by. This was essential for every endeavor or task he took and this was the purpose that I have adapted to live by. Knowing How To See have open my eyes towards life, love, wealth and everything around me.

Little did I know about this concept till I started reading the works of Da Vinci and understood his message. Da Vinci states that sight was one of the most important of the senses and built his mantra on that Saper Vedere.


I open this blog with this because I have reflected on a former life and when I say former (meaning I have seen.) I find that I am no longer content with living a life of a drone and worker bee or hive mentality. I don’t really think that man was created to be cooped in some cubicle especially when there is a surge of adventure running through his veins. The life of an office drone maybe great for others but after 18 years it’s not for me. I am not saying that those that live the corporate world don’t enjoy it but I believe that we are meant for more.


And so it begins…

My initial thoughts as I was inspired by Da Vinci were to grow as man and not only create a site of learning and self-development, but to resurrect the concept of being a Renaissance Man. Curious to learn everything and create and inspire. A lot of my inspiration comes from other bloggers such as the great works of Scott H Young, Impossible HQ and Life Listed.


I started this website and its blog content to catalog the adventures we will partake in and see how far I am able to push myself. In the site I have included what I call My Life Manifesto a list of endeavors and adventure’s I would like to accomplish. I draw this from the worlds most accomplished man John Goddard.

With this is mind I hope that some of you find your version of Saper Verdere and realize that there is an entire universe that needs to be seen. If you are reading this blog then, welcome and let’s get this journey started.