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52 Books In 52 Weeks :Week #4 Book # 4


Chess: From The First Move To Checkmate By Daniel King.

I was at a friend’s house that happened to be cleaning his garage and was going to throw this book out. Now before anyone starts and says anything yes this book is relatively a very short book for the reading challenge however I will say  that the challenge is not about the number of pages but, about the content within its pages.

I have always loved to play Chess and as a matter fact I keep a board at my desk in the office. This book being that it was fast read (only 64 pages) was a good fit for collection of books. The book starts of with a brief a history of the origins of Chess and actually gives an approximate date of when Chess rules were established to game as we know now. The word CHECKMATE came from the Persian word “SHA MAT” meaning the king is defeated. The book is very beautifully illustrated and the diagrams make the reader comprehend the moves and strategies that are laid out.

Daniel King did an excellent job giving the reader a clear detailed knowledge of the Chess Pieces as wells as the names of the moves for example moves such:

  • Forks
  • Pins
  • Skewers

The book even has a section called training and Daniel explains that this section of the book just like working out is also crucial to a player.  In the book he includes exercises, now I will say I read the book in about an hour and decided to read again.  I then spent two days with my Chess Board doing the exercises and moves and found the book to be a lot fun and interesting. After you do the exercises there is a page that includes a test to help you sharpen your skills and improve on your algebraic notations. This book also gives you a current history of the first champions of chess as well as a current timeline. There even a section that explains how Chess was introduced to the Former Soviet Union and how the Russians dominated the game. The pages are filled with pictures and the book even shows how computer are constantly being taught to play. Daniel even provides sequence that you can program to play against a machine player.

For the most part being that it’s a book full of illustrations I can’t say that this is a book that an advance player would pick up, but if you are novice or beginning to learn how to play Chess then I say get this book.


52 Books In 52 Weeks: Week # 3 Book #3


 You’re Broke Because You Want To Be By Larry Winget

Looks like the pitbull of personal development Larry Winget is back and when I say back I mean back in my reading collection. I read his first book Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life, and it was amazing. The book was a kick in the ass I needed and sure it enough it was a no nonsense,  no fluffy and in your face book.

Larry with his style of mentoring gives it to you straight. Well he does it again with his current book You’re Broke Because You Want To Be. Larry’s  book takes you on a journey to help you get out of your current financial struggle. Just like in true Larry Style right from the introduction he explains what this book isn’t.

  • This is not an investment book.
  • This is not one of those cutesy parable books.
  • This book isn’t one of the new-agey money-is –a spiritual-concept book.

Larry also advises that the book is not an just read book it’s a workbook so pen and highlighter is required since you would be taking notes.

Hey goes on to saying about affirmations:

“Affirmations are fine, but affirmations alone don’t change your life. You can say, “ I am rich, I am rich, I am rich” until your face turns the color of money, but until you stop doing stupid stuff with your money and start doing smart stuff with your money, you will still be broke. Affirmation without implementation is self-delusion.”

In this book Larry breaks down the understanding of being broke vs being poor and just like Shut up, Stop Whining and get a Life you go through a series of exercises that help the reader get involved. The book has total of 16 exercises that I truly encourage the reader to do. On page 66-68 shows you a work sheet that helps you understand your finance and your expenses. I did this exercise and actually created for you an excel sheet with the steps just like the book to use.

Larry Wingets expesnse excercsie report

In addition, he goes as far as helping and making you realize how to create an action plan.

Larry then in chapter 4 helps you understand why you are in debt and continues through the remaining chapters how to stop spending, how to create a new budget, how  and when to use credit cards and explain the importance of saving and creating an emergency fund. When reading the book a lot of the information may sound as common sense information but the reality it helps remind us of where we are failing short  and how to make better economic decisions. The book gives you a lot of examples of day to day people who appear on his show Big Spender and how they are going through money trouble that Larry explains is there fault but is on the show to help them. In addition to explaining your problem he goes on explaining how important it is to invest in your future, by setting aside money to buy books to further educate yourself. Larry’s examples of his hardship and how he invested in books to further his knowledge and  philosophy of money.

You can tell from the review that I am huge fan of Larry Winget I truly believe that in this day in age we continue to need people that do not sugar coat the information and gives it to you straight. Larry does advise that reading this book may hurt your feelings and once again I can see why. You’re Broke Because You Want to Be is very easy read and very well written Larry does show through all his school of hard knocks that he genuinely cares about his audience and cares enough to want to see them succeed.

Even before I sat down to write this review I actually, with my crazy schedule read the book again and did all the exercises again. I highly recommend this book for those of you who are struggling financially and those who already have a solid game plan, well  this book will be a good form of resource.

52 Books In 52 Weeks : Week #2 Book #2


 Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile by J.L. Bourne

With all of the  zombie craze, what better way to enjoy it then reading what I consider one of the best zombie books.  J.L. Bourne Day By Day Armageddon series will definitely keep you reading for hours. I discovered Day by day Armageddon when a friend lend me the film Dawn Of The Dead 2005. I had such a craving for survival horror that I figured I looked for it literature and I had found two books one called Monster Island by David Wellington and of course Day by Day Armageddon. After reading his book, I could not wait till a sequel was released but sadly like everything else the fever had died and it wasn’t till 2010 that the second book Day BY Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile was released I remember buying the book but once again the momentum was lost to reading it, that the book sat on my book shelve collecting dust.

Fast forward last week decided that I wanted to read something entertaining and I was not disappointed the book obviously continues from where the survivors left off. In this book the main character expresses military chain of commands but expresses the destruction caused by the zombie outbreak, it’s narrated through a first person via journal entries. The lone survivor who the book does not mention his name continues trying to make sense of the disaster that has happened. The character who we follow expresses the importance of loss of family and creating new family.

The book is very well written and I love that its story completely is in journal format including a very well depicted helicopter crash. The second book for me was very good and I appreciate that the author is also an active in the military so you definitely see how his knowledge reflects in his writing. I understand that a third book is  already out  and I intent on putting it in the challenge. If you want an edge of your seat zombie survival horror,  then this series is excellent.  Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile is a fantastic read I certainly look forward to getting the third part.


52 Books In 52 Weeks: Week #1 Book #1

Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown by Ryan Buell

I was never a fan of the show and only watched to be honest about two episodes if most. However since I am huge on the paranormal and supernatural, I thought this  book would help me understand this particular field.

I found this book at my local Good Will Store for only .75¢.  I will discuss about books in another blog.

In this book Ryan Buell takes us through the process of the television show Paranormal State and a lot of the behind the scenes. What I found most interesting about the book is his method for team and trainee selection.Ryan definitely cares about the trainees and how he selects them.

For example to be in his team you are required to write research papers and undergo a background and psychological exam.  If they are students they were required to provide grades so he could make sure they were keeping with their academic performance.

The book not only gives you information about the team but after every chapter there is information and terminology about the Paranormal. For example upon reading the book I discover not only are Ouija boards or some call it spirit boards, can open the doors for malevolent entity but even playing a game called 100 candles where a group of individuals light 100 candles and tell stories of the supernatural, blowing out a candle after each turn until you are left in the dark and a supernatural entity is summoned. Ryan explains that it was believed that the Samurai played this game to show a test of bravery and the name of it was Hyakumomogatari Kaidankai (A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales). I never played this game but as a Renaissance Man I will consider if this is something I want to add to my My Life Manifesto list.

Besides the fact that the book gives you behind the scenes of the episodes and the haunting, Ryan also explains the importance of ghost hunting and its obsession. With one case explaining how a client became obsessed and to the point of having and addiction demonstrating how dangerous it can be.

In summary this is very good book especially for any paranormal investigating enthusiast to pick up.  Not only do you get the understanding of the show but the book gives you knowledge of what entails to conduct an investigation. The book gives plenty of reference from types of ghost to having the proper equipment. In addition the book includes some appendix like what to do if you experiencing a haunting and a frequently asked questions. Since I plan on doing some ghost hunting I made this book my go to reference manual.




52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge

So my first post for 2015 and I am happy to start the year with my yearlong challenge. 52 books in52 weeks. This was a challenge I discovered on several sites that I like to give my thanks to. I will say that this is not my original idea so many thanks to the following sites:

  • Danger&

The challenge was not part of my list however after reading about it yesterday in the blogs mentioned, I decided to add it to the Life Manifesto. I have been slacking on my reading and what better way to get the ball rolling for the New Year then then taking on this challenge. Below I will list how I did for 2014 and the books I have read.

Inspired by the hard work of 52IN52WEEKS I too will also read the books in a week a post a very a short summery of what I have read. To make sure that I am on track I created a spreadsheet with dates that you can also download and use if you decide to take on this endeavor.


In addition to my reading a book a week, I will be reading finance books in between since I consider 2015 the year to crush all debts an increase my finances.

Books I have read in 2014:

  • SPARTAN UP!: Joe De Sana
  • ALPHA RULES: Carlos Xuma & Dean Cortez
  • HOW TO BE AN ALPHA MALE : John Alenander
  • REBEL WITHOUT A CREW : Robert Rodrguez.
  • 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE : Victor Pride
  • ALPHA PLAYBOY : Christian McQueen
  • HOW TO GET A GIRL BACK IN 30 DAYS OR LESS : John Alexander
  • WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? : Spencer Johnson MD
  • MAN 2.0  ENGINEERING THE ALPHA : John Romaniallo & Adam Borstein
  • NO MORE MR. NICE GUY : Robert Glover

So not to bad but not to good only 14 books considering that I started in April. The challenge will not have specific books but I will read anything from fiction to nonfiction books.

Any books you like to suggest I read please post in the comments.