52 Books In 52 Weeks: Week #1 Book #1

Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown by Ryan Buell

I was never a fan of the show and only watched to be honest about two episodes if most. However since I am huge on the paranormal and supernatural, I thought this  book would help me understand this particular field.

I found this book at my local Good Will Store for only .75¢.  I will discuss about books in another blog.

In this book Ryan Buell takes us through the process of the television show Paranormal State and a lot of the behind the scenes. What I found most interesting about the book is his method for team and trainee selection.Ryan definitely cares about the trainees and how he selects them.

For example to be in his team you are required to write research papers and undergo a background and psychological exam.  If they are students they were required to provide grades so he could make sure they were keeping with their academic performance.

The book not only gives you information about the team but after every chapter there is information and terminology about the Paranormal. For example upon reading the book I discover not only are Ouija boards or some call it spirit boards, can open the doors for malevolent entity but even playing a game called 100 candles where a group of individuals light 100 candles and tell stories of the supernatural, blowing out a candle after each turn until you are left in the dark and a supernatural entity is summoned. Ryan explains that it was believed that the Samurai played this game to show a test of bravery and the name of it was Hyakumomogatari Kaidankai (A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales). I never played this game but as a Renaissance Man I will consider if this is something I want to add to my My Life Manifesto list.

Besides the fact that the book gives you behind the scenes of the episodes and the haunting, Ryan also explains the importance of ghost hunting and its obsession. With one case explaining how a client became obsessed and to the point of having and addiction demonstrating how dangerous it can be.

In summary this is very good book especially for any paranormal investigating enthusiast to pick up.  Not only do you get the understanding of the show but the book gives you knowledge of what entails to conduct an investigation. The book gives plenty of reference from types of ghost to having the proper equipment. In addition the book includes some appendix like what to do if you experiencing a haunting and a frequently asked questions. Since I plan on doing some ghost hunting I made this book my go to reference manual.





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