52 Books In 52 Weeks : Week #2 Book #2


 Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile by J.L. Bourne

With all of the  zombie craze, what better way to enjoy it then reading what I consider one of the best zombie books.  J.L. Bourne Day By Day Armageddon series will definitely keep you reading for hours. I discovered Day by day Armageddon when a friend lend me the film Dawn Of The Dead 2005. I had such a craving for survival horror that I figured I looked for it literature and I had found two books one called Monster Island by David Wellington and of course Day by Day Armageddon. After reading his book, I could not wait till a sequel was released but sadly like everything else the fever had died and it wasn’t till 2010 that the second book Day BY Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile was released I remember buying the book but once again the momentum was lost to reading it, that the book sat on my book shelve collecting dust.

Fast forward last week decided that I wanted to read something entertaining and I was not disappointed the book obviously continues from where the survivors left off. In this book the main character expresses military chain of commands but expresses the destruction caused by the zombie outbreak, it’s narrated through a first person via journal entries. The lone survivor who the book does not mention his name continues trying to make sense of the disaster that has happened. The character who we follow expresses the importance of loss of family and creating new family.

The book is very well written and I love that its story completely is in journal format including a very well depicted helicopter crash. The second book for me was very good and I appreciate that the author is also an active in the military so you definitely see how his knowledge reflects in his writing. I understand that a third book is  already out  and I intent on putting it in the challenge. If you want an edge of your seat zombie survival horror,  then this series is excellent.  Day By Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile is a fantastic read I certainly look forward to getting the third part.


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