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30 Days of Discipline Part # 1


30 Days of Discipline February 1 – March 3, 2015

Are you lacking discipline? Are you lacking motivation? Do you feel that you are not in control and wonder what’s my purpose is? Well then the solution is 30 Days Of Discipline. This is a no nonsense challenge for any man who has lost focus and needs a straight up kick in the ass. Victor Pride takes no prisoners with his book that will have you motivated and driven in no time.

Now I am going to be the first to say that I am not affiliated with Victor Pride or Bold & Determined but I will says that I bought the book back in April 2014 and I have attempted the challenge and failed in it.  I say failed because there are 12 disciplines you have to adhere to on a daily basis for 30 days and I will say that it’s not easy.

While I wont  share the 12 disciplines in details, I will at least says that I have a to complete a 30 day goal and what better way than to challenge myself to NO SUGAR for 30 days. In addition you are required  every day to do callisthenic  exercises to get the body in shape. Victor not only provides a very well detailed book but the book comes with a workbook to track your progress.

I will follow up on March 4,2015 with my success and how the experience has changed my life. I will also add how of my 30 day goal of no sugar has help or hinder me.

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