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Books Where To Find Them on the Cheap



The other day I read a tweet from Tai Lopez. (See below).


I have to agree with Tai on his response and made me think in an age of technology and information overload I don’t that the technology is creating forward thinkers and problem solvers.

We are now in an age where technology is bringing loads of knowledge and has made it now where we can download a book into your phone when you think about it, this was not possible about 12 years ago. I think as technology continues to grow one of the oldest and simplest forms of attainable knowledge seems like its fading away.  Books, with an age of self-publishing and the mobile devices that allow us to download the books these golden treasures are soon to be relic or collector’s item in years to come.

Well don’t fear I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon but in case you want start your own collection I am here to help you find books.


6 places to look for books & build your collection on the cheap.


 1. – This is a Ebay company and I will say that I have bought most of my business books here vs Amazon. I will say while I found some books at the regular prize on the website, for the most part I found that they are truly half off and even cheaper.


2. – But wait you just mentioned why eBay? Well with eBay you can either buy the book at full prize or make a bid for the books and judging from what I saw on the web after monitoring some books I think is safe to say that the books sold extremely cheap and I even placed bid bought a book and I did not worry about someone sniping me ( this occurs when someone waits till the last minute of bid even seconds before it closes and they bid cents on your item wining them from you). Something that happened to me several years ago on a collectible action figure from the 80’s.


3.– While Craig’s list is like an online thrift store I did notice that no one was giving books away for free, but selling them in bulk and extremely cheap. For example one seller had 200 books for 50 bucks. The down side of this you may have already some of the books in your possession.



4. Thrift stores – Believe it or not this is one of my favorite avenues to obtain books besides purchasing them on Barnes and Nobles, thrift stores are great. I say this because I have three that I used that are in 5 mile radius and they are never short on books. I found books from great authors like Dean Koontz, Larry Winget and Dale Carnegie in thrift stores and in mint conditions. In addition to having many books, please see the pictures at the header of the post they are extremely cheap for example hardcover book are $1.50 and paperbacks are .75¢. Now the down side of this is you may not find the book you’re looking for so you do need to go with an open mind and hope that the book you were looking for last week would be there. You will also notice from the picture below I purchased 9 books for only $12.00 dollars. If you can handle that these books were previously used and can deal with the dust that some of these stores have then thrifts stores for the most part will be a great asset to building your library.  image

5. Book exchange or Book exchange clubs – Books exchange clubs are great but there are many rules with. For the most if you exchange a hardcover they would not exchange a hardcover with you but a paper back.


6. Borrow books from friends– last but not least and I will say that it does not get any cheaper than this, however you can’t keep the books especially if you have a friends like me who will hound you to finish reading them to return them. Your next option is to ask your friend if once you have read them if they do not mind parting with the books.

There you have it 6 ways to get books and continue to expand your mind and your library. Now Gents lets start reading!