Figuring It Out

Recently while driving was listening to the Knowledge for Men Podcast heard and episode with guess Ryan Stewman discussing his book F*ck Your Excuses.

This book after reading it made me realized that I had to figure out how to continue getting this blog going. One of the many things that had me stagnated was my health, I’m over that barrier now, other then having high cholesterol I’m in good health.

This book opened my eyes to the recent frustration I had. I would wake up and think I don’t have enough blog post, I’m not making enough online to leave the corporate world, people don’t like my  writing. Well I say scr@&$ it ( insert your own word).

Understating what Ryan did he had his site Harcore Closer for three years and did noting with it. Well it’s the same three year I was stressed and sweating over IRM. While my excuse is health Ryan didn’t care and after three years of waisting time pulled the trigger.

Figuring it out means to me that I want more for I RENAISSANCE MAN. When I started the blog I was inspired by the works of Victor Pride Bold and Determined and Mike Cernovich Danger & Play, enough so I launch my site to do all the things I dreamed of but never dared to do.

Along came social media especially Twitter and I connect with a lot great men and in that connection came a fork in the road that lead me to discussion and arguments that really had nothing to do with my brand.

The truth of the matter social media is a complete waste of time unless you can stay off it and use it to promote your work.

Figuring it out for me is not wasting anytime getting into political discourse with people who are to dumb to understand even if you present them with the truth.

As of late I have been staying away from twitter to focus on blog and topics I want to share with my audience. In addition I am also keeping away from the political arena, everyday waking up reading the same nonsense begins to drag you in and lose sight and focus.

Figuring it out means that if I want to help more men ( especially men like myself in their 40’s) I need to separate myself from the so call manosphere infighting on who’s right or who’s wrong. I think that if we all are in the sphere to help men live better life’s would that just justify to being automatically right?

After all we are in this together who cares wish path to take.


I think health has robbed me of of 1095 days or three years of writing. For starters as I have been feeling like my old self I plan to write more.

I have a Life Manifesto that I have meticulously sat down to write everything I ever wanted to do and see and no time to for it.

Well that’s gonna change moving forward I’m dedicating time to complete at least two accomplishments a month.

Figuring it out is outright not giving a shit what others think of my writing, my content or their opinions.

Too many people on this earth get offended for everything or live life’s of negativity truth be told these people need to grow up.

I remember Mike Cernovich tweeting out that blog is King. I am gonna say this true and this the mindset I want to focus on.

Like I said before less time on the social media platform possibly away only to tweet articles or minor engagements with followers.

There are no excuses to not move forward have more follower engagement after all that’s the reason the blog has a comment section.

The Spaniard.


  1. Buen Puesto Hermano!
    Time comes to make a decision on keep doing things that waste time or concentrating and doing something you want to do. The state of the Manosphere these days is in disarray. Too many “Posers” posing as some one important and “Enlightened” when their own lives are in disarray. I left because I saw where the Manosphere was going as it slowly became politicized and polarized. When I was here a few years back you could actually talk to other Manosphere Booggers about everything. Now there are too many “Rockstars” stoking their egos and selling books that are shit. Very few have great information but the majority of those ebooks have information that most people already know. I’m glad that you are taking the leap in exploring the depths of your mind and finding yourself. Sometimes finding things to write about takes deep thinking and time to yourself. I know for me that is what worked for me. Twitter unfortunately is a cesspool of negativity and sensitive egos. The times that I do go there I don’t stay long as usually look for certain people I follow because they are actually teaching something. To me you and Quintus are my favorite twitter handles I tend to read the most. Everyone else is just noise and I have deleted many from my twitter account. I don’t really care anymore about twitter and just keep it moving.

    I have a feeling this change will open many doors for you and always I will be rooting for you! From Spaniard to another! Let the reconquista begin! See you in the trenches!

    1. my Introduction to the manosphere was from a place of hardship at a point in my life. I was really amazed and still am by the guys like you and others who are living day to day making it happen. Now we have to many guys on social media all about status. Personally I’m happy with the decision I made and staying away or at a minimum even if I lose followers. I want my blog to
      Be the source of conversation and question once agin Jose thank you.

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