Monthly Archives: November 2018


Why  do we blog? Why did we start a blog? What’s happened  to us? Where did our motivation go?
Questions we ask ourselves time to tune. Especially some of of who revel on the exciting days where we wanted to blog like Victor Pride of the world.
But we lose sight on what matters, the readers some of have lost the mojo because changes in the manosphere orthers (including me ) because of social media.
We all have forgotten how simple it is to bring it back to basic. For me it was getting my iPad accidentally clicking on my favorites screen and bringing  up ROOSHV site archives.
I was curious so went back to the beginning when he started blogging from ROOSHV and I was surprised short well written articles with a lot information and reader engagement.
This is going to be the bases for my writing again short articles with information until I build the motivation and momentum.
Gentlemen If you have lost that drive that mojo that got you your voice and audience why not take it back to basics?
The Spaniard