Heavy Metal Please Come Back Soon.

I’m a man with a lot of hobbies too many to count. No one will ever say after I die that I was boring. But man there was one that will always be near and dear to my heart and that’s Rock&Roll. 
Yes that right gents back in the 80’s was a metal and played Bass gutitar in a lot garage bands. 

I was that guy worst then any groupie who was at every concert on Saturday. You name it I was at that concert. 
Thanks to my aunt who was in her early 20’s in the 70’s bought me my first album. 

That’s right Kiss Detroyer this was the album that introduced me to the world of metal. 
So you can understand my recent excitement to tweet about rock music. Most recently also I had a purchased a bass guitar and to my excitement felt great playing and trying to remember all the old songs I used to play.  Thanks to a coworker who gave me an old electrical guitar and the game Rocksmith. 

Now I know it’s never to late to Rock but 30 years without playing a bass what the hell was I thinking? 

Slowly I started remembering reasons and one of them was the dam grundge era when the music took a turn for the worst. I remember why I hung up the bass and just moved on. 

But lately it’s been a itch to want to bring back  metal why not aren’t we all tired of the hip hop nonsense and the Ariana Grande’s of the world. 

Yes we need the metal gods to come back like the 80’s. 

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