You seen it before you’re scrolling through you social media feed looking at pictures and you come across the popular online millionaire playboys. 
Yet something is off about these playboys. For starters when I think of online millionaire playboys two names come to mind Tai Lopez and Dan Bilzerian. These two guy total polar opposite but never the less millionaires how because they go to social media and show off their status. 
For example Tai Lopez well who can’t say that they don’t know Tai you always get the commercials on YouTube where he says “I’m here in my garage.” Surrounded by people but load of cars and beautiful women.  
Yet the the online millionaire playboys zero no mansion, no garage full of cars not even a Yacht. 
So who says they are online millionaire playboys? 
The way I see it in this day of age do to social media if you got it you flaunt it, it’s only human nature. 
Here’s what I am talking about first the other day I saw an online millionaire playboy take a picture all by himself on top of a Jeep not girls not nothing just all by himself. 
Let’s look at Dan here 

Notice Dan with on top of a Hummer not by himself surrounded by scores of girls. 
Here is another example

Or the online millionaire playboys are taking videos in a pool surrounded by guys yes guys with upbeat music yet no girls either. Or the online  millionaire playboys will tell you they are enjoying high life on a yacht when you go to the Instagram page they floating around on a dingy somewhere in Europe. 
Yet here is Dan on a yacht in a pool oh and guess what he’s surrounded by.. you guessed it GIRLS. 

The online millionaire playboys will tell you that they have score of toys such as Ferrari’s or Lamborghini yet once again they are going to the local exotic car rental and taking out a car for few hours to post videos and Instagram pictures. 
Let’s look at what Tai Lopez is up to in his garage. Where’s the online millionaire playboys garage full of toys? 

  My favorite is when the online millionaire playboys hang out with actual millionaires and posting videos at the club how they are dropping the bills. Yeah anyone can do that when you are spending other people’s money to show off on social media. 
Here’s Dan once again hosting the party at nightclub 

Don’t believe me body language says it all when you are bringing the money to the table it’s a known fact the parasites will come out of the woodworks

Another day I saw a video of online millionaire playboy  in an exotic car but they were not drivingt the actual millionaire was one driving the car while they fake millionaire was making plans with the actual millionaire money. 

Let’s give some credit to these gents they may not be online millionaire playboys but they’re a hell of business most of them will sell you some kind of course that they have created. 

So next time you hear I’m a  millionaire deal with it, always look at the big picture and like they say if it’s to good to be true it probably is. So always say SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME. 

The Spaniard. 


  1. Great post Spaniard!

    Hustle Porn is all over You Tube and social media. There is not a second that goes by that I don’t get in the DM trying to sell me some bullshit. Yes Tai and Dan are real Millionaires but these guys are just a few who flaunt real success. The rest is just bull!

    How can you tell? The first thing is how they pitch their offer. They explain their success but leave a lot out then force you down a sales funnel to sell you a over price course about shit that you already know about and even if you don’t the information is either out of date or cost way too much money to pull off.

    Second thing is that they jump up and down with excitement telling you how it took them a few weeks to get to millionaire status. First of all being a Millionaire or even building a business takes time and effort to grow on your part. When I hear promises like that two things hit me right away!
    1. They are already rich
    2. They are bullshiting you
    Don’t be fooled about the toys in the Hustle Porn videos because like a rap video all those cars and houses are just rented and are not really theirs.

    Third and lastly those Hustle Porn guys live some where outside the United States! This right here should light up our eyes into the Bullshit! Sure for a G you can rent out a Mansion and live well every month! Even have enough for a driver to drive you around.

    You see there are a ton of online Millionares out there! A few of them are real and are living the life but the majority are just clowns in the circus of life. It’s nice to see the toys and the women. The secret is that YOU can live that life too! All you have to do is do it! Take that first step to success and in time you too will become an online millionaire!

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