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Twitter Suspended Me Over Naked Bong Lady Harasser.

In an act of coward ness twitter suspended me over a naked picture of Senator Katie Hill brushing the hair of her staff. 

Yet instead of twitter defending my 1st Amendment they chose to silence me by suspending my account. Why? Because she cried wolf said she never consented  to photograph. 

Yet here she is brushing her staffs hair.

You can see here as brushing her staff hair. Now ask yourself this one question why is she in the nude brushing her staff hair? 

Yet she claims she did not have an affair with her staff and like a true democratic politician lied to everyone. 
While my suspension was for 12 hours. 

This goes to show that Jack Dorsey and his liberal gestapo will stop at nothing to protect someone as despicable as Katie Hill. Rather than own up and behave like Americans and call this degenerate out. 
As men living in 2019 and heading to 2020 we have forgotten to ask the question. 

How did we get to this point? 

Twitter and it’s shareholders have demonstrated what cowards they are that they continue to allow this filth. 

Add insult to them or turns out that she was busted once again in some sort of wife sharing site. 

Here’s another picture of her with a bong and the Nazi Iron Cross. (Trust me it’s there) 

Trust me fellas the Iron cross is there.

Fathers ask yourself this question is the kind of example you want for your daughters?

See most liberals will think I am in the wrong here when you look at the big picture. She was voted by the people to represent the people. Yet, she uses her position in office to put herself In a inappropriate positions. 

But twitter didn’t care cause she’s a democrat and she put pressure on them to silence those that would expose a hypocrite like her. 

A professional victim, all on your tax dollars. Look at those dead eyes

Once again the left doesn’t realize how degenerate they are. 
What Jack and twitter didnt see that this low life house of cards is crashing down quickly. 

Jack here is another example of your screw up. 

My last advise to Jack Dorsey is to make sure he stays out the public light my followers and myself will be watching closely and will call you out when you fuck up. 

Till next time,
The Spaniard.