The Notebook

Anyone that has done 30 days of discipline knows that one of the  12 disciple you should be carrying around is a notebook to write down all your ideas.

The notenook is not to be confused with a journal.  The notebook is where you write down business ideas, quotes, favorite books and even use it to create your to do list. 

I started mine in late 2013 but I found although I was disciplened to have a notebook it was never organized. As a matter fact my notebook was all over the place I had quotes  all over the book, my to do list on almost every page. 

I got myself organized after I watched Clark Kegley YouTube channel

I took a step further and modified it by using the Bullet Journal system

Below will be a few pictures of the journal and how I format mine. You don’t have to do it the  same  way but I like to give a you a start. 

Take a notebook the one I use Is an OFFICE depot brand notebook 5 subjects.

After you have obtained the notebook, take the time to number all the pages.

I know that there are notebooks that have numbers on the pages. Numbering for me gives me an idea how to format my table of content. 

Once you have numbered the pages you are going to map out how many subjects you want in your notebook and I recommend about 20 pages per subject ( except the your TO DO LIST save at least almost 30 to 40 pages ) since this is one of the subjects that you will be using it daily. 

Don’t worry this will make sense now when you create the TABLE OF CONTENT. 

My subjects are as follow: 

  1. 2020 Manifesto 
  3. Book notes 
  4. Business Ideas 
  5. To do list 
  6. Video Notes 
  7. Miscellaneous 2020
  8. Curriculum 2020 

Now that you numbered the pages, and you have created your subjects tittle the like you see in the pictures above this will now make it easier to create your TABLE OF CONTENT. 

Boom and there you have it your NOTEBOOK 2020 is complete. 

I learned to have a note book when I read Victor Prides 30 DAYS OF DISCIPLINE. 

Hope this helps drop a comment below or reach me on Twitter. 

Happy New Years Gentlemen.

The Spaniard. 


  1. Yes, it seems now everyone wants to keep organized these days with so much distractions it make sense to have one. I learned about this when I joined the Navy where in Boot Camp we were all given a notebook which were cutely named “Ricky Notebook” along with a “Ricky Flashlight” among other things. The notebook was small enough to fit in your back pocket. And as you went about your day reviewing tasks for the day given to you at muster you could add little notes to your self about important matters like “Berthing Inspections” or “Uniform Inspections” and the like. Even while I was out having a social life I carried my “Ricky” book everywhere. It was not much organized. The way I was able to find stuff was me adding the date before writing down what I wanted to remember. This worked best for me as every morning before 6am muster I would look through it to see what I needed to do that day.

    Its been quite a few years since I did that but I started that habit again a few months back. Usually keep stuff that I need to do at work. And keep important info like doctors appointments and “To Do” Lists etc.

    It helps to be organized! My “Ricky Recruit” notebook as kept me in the loop when there is so much distractions and it keeps me busy as I feel like I’m being productive as I cross out the things I have done that day. Gets me motivated!

    Great article Hermano!

    1. Jose once again great comments. If only some folks would follow your advise. The notebook is best way to keep organized. Folks of you reading this follow Jose on Twitter ‪@gallego6171 ‬

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