Monthly Archives: January 2020


2020 is here gentlemen don’t wait till the 3rd week of January to quit.
2020 is here Gents do your resolution but here the trick let’s change things up. 

Rather than create an entire 10 item list, let’s counter that with ONE item. 

That’s right gentlemen take time to do for an entire year only one item. 

We all for the let me loose weight cliche and that’s fine but dedicate 365 days to it. 

For example I truly am dedicating 2020 to MONEY. 

How you ask?

Reading books 
Listening to money podcasts 
Investment in money. 
Understanding the market 
Online money making 
Real state 

The list goes on, the point I am not making like I do every year a long winded list of things that I may not ever get around too. 

I’m dedicating an entire year to one purpose. There are 8760 hours in a year I won’t be able to get to the 10 thousands hours of mastery but you better believe I’ll make a dent on that. 

I am even going as far as getting my men’s group THE ROMAN SENATE to hold me accountable. 

2020 is the beginning of a new decade let’s leave our mark. 

Till next time, 

The Spaniard.