Monthly Archives: February 2020


Social Media is a cancer we all know this. Instagram feeds into the narcissistic losers, Twitter feeds lefties who are easily triggered. Once in a  while, those with free  thinking will get suspended nothing new. 

None of us don’t consider alternative media as a new way to spread our voice. Gab is offering this before we begin just to let you know I am not sponsored or affiliated with Gab.

As a matter of fact I don’t even think Andrew Torba know who I am but he will because I am going to be championing his free speech platform. 
Like many of on on the right we are on Twitter because it’s Trump favorite platform but as soon Trump jump on GAB it’s good by birdie. 

My current suspension was only for six days but enough is enough. 
To Andrew thank you.  

To my followers please join me on Gab.


Till next time 
The Spaniard