2020 it’s no secret that technology has advance at least for me starting at 22 in the corporate world and remembering that if you needed to get work especially electronically I had to go to the office ( we did have laptops however I was at the bottom of the totum pole. ) 

We have come a long way gentlemen the funny part is that most companies are now reverting to your employee contact to take away what you may have created with the concept of intellectual property. 


So don’t blog from the office computer do it on your phone. 

However if your posting on during company time, it’s best to post before your start or end time. 
Why? Blog time stamp. 

For example, this very post, I use and app called EVERNOTE this is the app I go to write all my ideas. 

By now I know a lot of you are using it and for me an old Gen x what I like about Evernote is that I can actually format my post  how I want it to look on my blog. 

When I’m done editing and like how the post looks I don’t use any function on Evernote to transfer to the blog. As matter of fact I’m so paranoid that I log on to my blog after 7pm or before 7am, and I copy paste. 

Sounds ridiculous but what would happen if your blog turns out to be the next million dollar blog an your company discovered you broke your contact? 

As a matter of fact I my social media accounts are anonymous. Why I don’t trust left leaning parasites to try to dox me or want office leeches telling upper management how much I disagree with something when posting on social media. 

Using my phone has been a huge hame changer that the only time I have logged on to on my personal computer is to manually set up my archive pages on my blog ( I have said this before your blog should an archive page) if your blog reader like me and I know a lot you are I like going to the beginning of a blog to see how much a person has grown. 

More and more brick and mortar are starting to loose people from the work force because of the flexibility of technology. 

So gentlemen if your like me trying to escape the slave wage fight back with your tool yiu have at hand your cellphone. 

Till next time 

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  1. Using a Smart Phone to blog has been my go to for many years. Being in IT I can attest that whatever you put in your corporate laptop or phone becomes the property of the company.

    I have seen people sending and receiving personal emails through the corporate network rather than using their phones. I have seen users during work time on Instagram and Facebook as well. At times I do remind them that big brother is always watching what you are looking at online. Since most networks have proxy servers on them which prevents users from having free reign of the Internet.

    For me I always used my Smart Phone. At first I used the notes program that came with Apple and found it a pain in the ass to work with then I remembered that I’m a member of Evernote. Downloaded the app and I never looked back.

    I do find it more comfortable to work on that as well. Plus I can just copy and paste my whole post to my blog in one swoop. Evernote puts all your work as easy to reach as possible. Love it! I also used to use the corporate laptop to post during the work day but since I was IT I had let’s say “fringe” benefits to access the Internet and by pass the proxy servers.

    Excellent post my friend! Stay safe!

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