Twitter Had Enough of Me.

Looks like the Spaniard done at least with twitter I have finally reached the end of the road. 
Twitter is an easy way to loose your emotions and let the outrage get the best of you. 
I had preciously said I was done with them here on this article ENOUGH IS ENOUGH but I couldn’t stay away. 

Twitter or any social media is like a drug very addicting. 

My current suspension definitely  had me thinking about the bad habit of always searching my social media feed, this was eye opener made me realize that these sites are like drugs. 

I realize now that I was using Twitter the wrong way, reading books on grow my followers I failed to realize that Twitter is a haven for left leaning parasites. 

My current suspension showed me that I let my followers down. I had gain an audience or friends of almost 1,500 and now Twitter has removed that. 

In 2017 I saw a manager at my job who had this book 

Yet not realizing I did take a full advantage of this books strategy and advise. 
Gentlemen my current reflection had me thinking and I will pass on this advise for the following: 

  1. Twitter is online space not the real world therefore screaming or arguing waste of time. 
  1. Use the platform to make money grow your blog or business.
  2. Freedom of speech comes with a price there is no freedom no matter how loud you yell.

The only place that they can’t take away is your blog focus on your writing, give your audience the voice they deserve, your voice. 
With that said gents I have decided for not to explore the follow social media and grow my brand and business elsewhere. 
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Gents I will see you on the other side 


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  1. Hermano, I was wondering where you went since I have not seen you on Twitter for a while. I tried to DM you and twitter told me that your account has been suspended. I felt bad that this happened to you and by the way you were dropping bombs it was a matter of time before Twitter was going to shut you down.

    I remembered to come to this blog and read what happened. Twitter and social media itself is not the real world. From the beginning people have used it as if it was the real world. Twitter, Facebook and the like are virtual worlds. Pretend places where a person can say they are living a great life but in reality they live in their parents basement.

    I’m growing tired of Twitter and the people in it. First it was red pill people who were pushing their alt right agenda and now it’s the leftist turn. These social media platforms depend on trends and right now Lefties have it.

    You are not missing anything here at Twitter just the same cesspool of negativity, complaining and nagging. Even I kind of slowed down on the posting and retweeting. The negativity is just too much and it does affect me after a few minutes.

    You made a mistake now it’s time to learn from it and move on. Remember social media is supposed to be a happy place! We both know it’s not!

    I will see you on Instagram hermano!


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