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How I Started A Chess Club


Chess the game of kings, a game played for thousands of year and thousands of generations. A game that every man should play just like golf. A game where Fathers and sons can sit down and settle differences and bond. 


A game that that brings friends as competitors and enemies as friends. Chess is the full body mental workout your mind needs for creativity, problem solving and analytics. 


That’s why I created a Chess Club and what I have learned from its experience.  With that said I just want to give you an overall how I created and how you too can start your own Chess Club. 






All clubs have house rules it’s a fact. Country Clubs have them, the local yacht club has them and even the math club has them. Here is a list of rules. 


A: All members in good standing must have their own Chess boards to participate. 

This is rule is enforced by me and my cofounder. This is by far the single most important rule of the club. 


B: Online play is acceptable for practice but not for keeping score. Why this strange rule? Because some players in the office told me they had no time to do a sit down game. So I was accomidating schedules by allowing online games and accepting the scores. Well turns out one of the member replayed the game through a simulator and discovered that people were using bots to cheat. 


C: Learn to Lose Chess is one of those games that will humble you after a losing. Some might go i with a huge ego to try to always win but learning to lose helps you understand where your weakness are especially if you face a strong player. 


D: Speaking of strong players learn to teach always be willing to show your opponent where they lost take the time to do a replay. Not only is it instructional but it’s also fun. 


E: TRASH TALK IS A MUST nothing says say fun then having some good old fashion trash talk. 





Getting started was as simple as sending out and email to fellas in the in the office and the turnout was more than I expected. Over 11 guys in the office turned out all eager to participate and be a part of the club.


The need for me getting this club off the ground in the office was something that looked almost as stress released. With enthusiasm I would have guys emailing when the games would begin,


I created the first rule of having your own chess board for every member therefore if anyone wanted to play they would not waste their lunch time waiting on a board to become available.


Besides having your own board also keeps that motivation going and folks in the office were not limited to only playing on game day (usually is Wednesday that’s when most could attend).


2017 was my trial year and I had started the by creating a season similar to any sporting event with minds of creating a play off and championship including a Chess Cup.


Now I can’t say that I am following the FIDE system for points but all members agree on the following:


Win 3 points

Tie 1 point

Loss 0 points



Having created this club was something that a lot guys have approached me in the office telling me thank you. It clearly shows by the reactions that it was needed to a sense of bringing guys together a healthy completive was to blow of steam while in the office.


As you can tell this was a just a simple post but wanted to share that its just as simple as getting guys together and begin a club.


You can start your own club too and if your looking to get the same Chess board  and the Clocks we they are available on amazon.


Also gents if your looking for a fun channel not only to learn but watch great matches check out Coffee Chess channel on YouTube. This channel inspired our club.


Till next time

The Spaniard