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While the picture that you are looking at is what came when I typed in DuckDuckGo for procrastination. 
This article is similar but how to deal with Low Energy Individuals. 
Now I’m not referring to energy vampires. 
I’m referring to someone who truly has no drive, given up on life and not invested in themselves. 

In life when you truly want something you have to really want it bad enough do it. Sadly I notice not a lot people are driven or want it  that bad. 

He’s a real nowhere man, Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.
Doesn’t have a point of view, Knows not where he’s going to, Isn’t he a bit like you and me? -The Beatles

But not having the motivation to move, is a soul killer. I’ll share an example of where this post is going.

I reestablished a love for music again and I’m completely gun-ho to get to the roots of my passion. 

The fire in me is making feel like a teen in the 80’s however my guitarist to get him to rehearse is like watching and waiting for paint to dry. 


  • Cannot keep their word 
  • Late to work late to everything 
  • Gets hyped up about a Visio quite when it’s hard to complete the task. 
  • No respect for your time 
  • They truly are Energy vampires 

I’m sure there are more to these but I’m an giving you a general idea. 
Encountering someone of this caliber is strain therefore should be avoided. 

Good intentions will not help no matter how much you feel that as a man you should help another man, don’t, they need to help themselves. 

Till next time 
The Spaniard 

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week # 4Book # 4


Mars And Venus In Touch By John Gray PH.D.


In 2014 I read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and I will say that it gave me a clear perspective of the dynamic in relations between a man and a women. After a break up I found that book in thrift sometime in October of 2013 and it was months after that I decided to read and it improve the way I think and date.

Fast forward I discovered this book in a thrift shop for only .25 cents in 2015 and once again took me months before I came around to reading it. I will begin to say that this book is somewhat similar to Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but it focus more on the power of communication. I like to think of this book as the cliff notes of Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. John gives you ways of better expressing yourself and your significant others. This book gives you insight on the why modern women are unhappy, men at work and home and how to get a man to listen and so.

This tiny book is great as a quick read and being fair with the challenge when I do read a tiny book I read it for a second time. This is a must have if you don’t want to read Men are from Mars and women are from Venus ( I also highly recommend) and want to know how he or she thinks or want a better line of communication with your partner. This book benefits both men and women with the given scenerios explain by jonh.

I did notice that this book may have been a special print since its part of the Hallmark Books collection so trying to track this book in any local store was very difficult to find.  The book is available on Amazon for only 00.1 cent. Yes you read it correctly only a penny according to amazon.

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week #3Book#3


How To Be A gentleman By John Bridges

Do you lack etiquette? Do you lack class? Well don’t fret John Bridges book How to Be a Gentleman a Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy is here to help. This book covers helpful tips of when you need to be a gentleman. This is is for men who are  serious about their self-perfection. It offers a lot insight on what to do and how to act in large party setting and what sort of silverware to use. What I like about the book it is a short read, so short I took my time to read it and read it twice.

The book is a quick study guide should a need a rise as the author states:

“A gentleman is someone who makes others feel comfortable. Good manners is simply a matter of common sense and courtesy.

While this is a tiny book  so is this review without giving away so much of it. I will say that the chapters  break down is what make the book a quick read and how the chapter intertwines with each other,  painting you a picture of scenarios. Such as when how much to use cologne, the etiquette of a cigar, when to wear a tuxedo, how to make a dinner reservation and how to order a wine these are the many gentlemanly things you will find this is book. I do approve of this book being in your library. Not only does it teach you common courtesy and etiquette but it truly is a well written classy book.

How to be a Gentleman By John Bridges is available on Amazon.

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week # 2Book #2


Richard Branson Like a Virgin By Richard Branson


I am regular reader of Richard Branson’s blog so I decided to pick up one of his books to try for the challenge. ***** WARNING THIS REVIEW MAY HURT SOME CEO’S FEELINGS ESPECIALLY IF YOUR IN THE NET WORTH OF 1MILLION TO 10 MILLION BRACKET****. Per Google search it states Richard Branson’s net worth is 4.8 Billion Dollars. So obviously I want to take advice on business from a billionaire and this book delivers that.

The information that is given to the readers is for the aspiring entrepreneurs. Branson takes you on an adventure through how his views on creating a multi-billion dollar business and how he went about it without even going to business school. He definitely shows that you can work hard and still have a good time as you built your empire.

One of my favorite chapters is the one where he definitely advised where the customer is not always right. The actual chapter is called THE CUSTOMER’S IS ALWAYS RIGHT EXCEPT WHEN HE’S WRONG.

I work for a corporation and this chapter I had to read it several times because here is a man who not only is successful and had lot entrepreneurship knowledge but is what I consider the renaissance man of the business word. Yet has not harping on the like most company that customer’s always right.

Richard Branson even states in his book that he once wrote,

“Since your employees are your brand ambassadors, their needs should come before your customer’s. that doesn’t mean that your customers’ opinions aren’t important, but simply that you should not build your customer service system on the premises that your organization will never questions the whims of your clients.

After reading that section of the book, (I read it several times this week) I could not put down the book. Richard Branson explanation on business is solid and easy to understand his philosophy’s are from what I gather on the book that there is no rules set in stone that starting a business will come with its trial and errors.

In another chapter called LAUNCHING A BUSINESS FOUR COMMON MISTAKES  In this chapter he talks about the mistakes you may encounter and try to avoid.

Step One: Stay on Target

Step Two: Be realistic about costs

Step Three: Hire the people you need, not the people you like

Step Four: Know when to step down as CEO

In this chapter he even go on to explaining that asking about the mistake and making them is part of the process of being entrepreneur.

Richard Branson continues by explaining how important it is in staying in shape in a chapter called WATCHING YOUR WAISTLINE WILL HELP THE BOTTOM LINE. This chapter Richard talks about how it’s a necessity to have a healthy work life balance and include some form of exercising regimen for your overall success. He states that too often we are too busy with the success of the business that this part of your life is neglected. He states that working out helps your business and your mind.

As you can tell from the writing I am a huge fan of Richard Branson after reading this book it gave me a huge understanding of what being a entrepreneur and the work that requires to having your on business. Since my focus for 2016 is getting my business of the ground I think this book is a great tool to have in your library. Richard Branson Like a Virgin By Richard Branson is available on Amazon.

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week #1Book #1


Communion by Whitley Strieber

When I picked up this book to start reading for the challenge I wanted to start with something paranormal. This book does  not disappoint I mean as I started reading I could not put the book down Whitley account of alien abduction is truly detailed and at the same time frightening. The writing is supereved given a a great detail of his experience & what transpire in 1985. On a couple of occasions I found my self reading with all my lights on, then just my reading lamp.

The true accounts of the abductions can best appreciated and understood when Whitley went through the hynotize. The encounter as he tries to remember his experiences with missing time, bizarre implants, and with the  Grey creatures who he calls through out the book The Visitors, leaves wanting more and what exactly are their intentions.

While I don’t want to give away a lot of the book I will say that if your into the paranormal, ufology  or even a skeptic. I would say to truly read this book and have an open mind. This book is a must have in your library Communion by Whitley Strieber is available on Amazon.


52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge 2.0 2016


Why I chose to do the challenge again simple. I failed it in 2015 to complete it, but it was not due to lack of motivation or due to being lazy. My focus has shifted from my challenges to my health. I will discuss in another post about my health during 2015.

After speaking with Dylan from WAYOFTHEOLYMPIAN.COM and Seth from SETHROSELIFE.COM both told me to continue with the challenge again, one for the readers and two to get back into the routine of reading again.

As for this being the first official post for 2016 I want to thank those that have taken the time to email me and follow up with me as to why the sight had gone silent.

I am happy to start a reading challenge 52 books in52 weeks 2.0. This was a challenge I discovered on several sites that I like and want to give my thanks to. I will say that this is not my original idea so many thanks to the following sites:

The challenge was not part of my list however after reading about it in the blogs I decided to add it to the Life Manifesto. I have been slacking on my reading and what better way to get the ball rolling for the New Year then then taking on this challenge. Below I will list how I did for 2015 and the books I have read.

Inspired but the hard work of 52BOOKSIN52WEEKS I too will also read the books in a week a post a very a short summery of what I have read. To make sure that I am on track I created a spreadsheet with dates that you can also download and use if you decide to take on this endeavor.

In addition to my reading a book a week, I will be reading finance books in between since I want to crush all debts an increase my finances.

Books I have read in 2015:


So only 4 books considering that I was sick. The challenge will not have specific books but I will read anything from fiction to nonfiction books. Any books you like to suggest I read please post in the comments.


30 Days of Discipline Part # 1


30 Days of Discipline February 1 – March 3, 2015

Are you lacking discipline? Are you lacking motivation? Do you feel that you are not in control and wonder what’s my purpose is? Well then the solution is 30 Days Of Discipline. This is a no nonsense challenge for any man who has lost focus and needs a straight up kick in the ass. Victor Pride takes no prisoners with his book that will have you motivated and driven in no time.

Now I am going to be the first to say that I am not affiliated with Victor Pride or Bold & Determined but I will says that I bought the book back in April 2014 and I have attempted the challenge and failed in it.  I say failed because there are 12 disciplines you have to adhere to on a daily basis for 30 days and I will say that it’s not easy.

While I wont  share the 12 disciplines in details, I will at least says that I have a to complete a 30 day goal and what better way than to challenge myself to NO SUGAR for 30 days. In addition you are required  every day to do callisthenic  exercises to get the body in shape. Victor not only provides a very well detailed book but the book comes with a workbook to track your progress.

I will follow up on March 4,2015 with my success and how the experience has changed my life. I will also add how of my 30 day goal of no sugar has help or hinder me.

For further reading on  creating Habits and following a discipline please click on the links below.

Build Discipline, Create Habits, and Stay Organized

30 Days of Discipline

52 Books In 52 Weeks :Week #4 Book # 4


Chess: From The First Move To Checkmate By Daniel King.

I was at a friend’s house that happened to be cleaning his garage and was going to throw this book out. Now before anyone starts and says anything yes this book is relatively a very short book for the reading challenge however I will say  that the challenge is not about the number of pages but, about the content within its pages.

I have always loved to play Chess and as a matter fact I keep a board at my desk in the office. This book being that it was fast read (only 64 pages) was a good fit for collection of books. The book starts of with a brief a history of the origins of Chess and actually gives an approximate date of when Chess rules were established to game as we know now. The word CHECKMATE came from the Persian word “SHA MAT” meaning the king is defeated. The book is very beautifully illustrated and the diagrams make the reader comprehend the moves and strategies that are laid out.

Daniel King did an excellent job giving the reader a clear detailed knowledge of the Chess Pieces as wells as the names of the moves for example moves such:

  • Forks
  • Pins
  • Skewers

The book even has a section called training and Daniel explains that this section of the book just like working out is also crucial to a player.  In the book he includes exercises, now I will say I read the book in about an hour and decided to read again.  I then spent two days with my Chess Board doing the exercises and moves and found the book to be a lot fun and interesting. After you do the exercises there is a page that includes a test to help you sharpen your skills and improve on your algebraic notations. This book also gives you a current history of the first champions of chess as well as a current timeline. There even a section that explains how Chess was introduced to the Former Soviet Union and how the Russians dominated the game. The pages are filled with pictures and the book even shows how computer are constantly being taught to play. Daniel even provides sequence that you can program to play against a machine player.

For the most part being that it’s a book full of illustrations I can’t say that this is a book that an advance player would pick up, but if you are novice or beginning to learn how to play Chess then I say get this book.