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Benched And Joined The 250lb Club

Well on Friday night July 14 I tweeted out with excitement that I had gone to the gym and benched pressed 275lb. Little did I know that I had placed on my life Manifesto to join the the 250 club and I exceeded my plan. I had placed it as one of my achievements and I’m honored and without knowing that this was first accomplishment scratched from The Life Manifesto.

when I sent this tweet its was if someone mentioned I won the lottery.

Now that I looked back the last three months I have been working very diligently  on my bech press because I saw all my peers and mentor benching 275 and up.

I trained for it and I certainly utilized doing push ups every morning about 100 but not consecutively also notice that deadlifts where contributing to my overall strength.

Stuck to my guns, made sure my diet was on point. My diet gents, was consisted and  boring at times but did not deviate.

Monday through Friday

Pre breakfast 5am protein shake
9:30 am 4 egg whites and two strips turkey bacon.
10:30 coffee black ( just energy )
12pm -1:15 cardio running or rowing machine.
1:15 lunch two turkey burgers or chicken breast side of spinach
2:30 pm can tuna
I’m actually full around this time.
6pm bowl of ground turkey two eggs
Gym around 8:30pm
9:30 pm or 9:45 Salmon 6oz with vegetable.
Ginger tea call it a day.

I want to make it clear to my audience that I am not on any form of TRT I am 45 years and I don’t believe in it for me. It took me three months of constantly obsessing over the bench press but taking my time to achieve my goal without getting hurt. With that said time to tackle another challenge.

The Spaniard.