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Reflections 2017 & Manifesto 2018


Happy New Years Gentlemen 2017 came and went. The race is of and we are at the start of 2018 so taking a moment to reflect on all accomplishments and improvement opportunities for the 2017 calendar year.

I can’t believe I wrote this article a year ago Manifesto 2017. I follow it  up with  Reflections: A Look Back at 2015-2016.

I can say that 2017 was a good year a lot  has happened and still happening. The year came like a roller coaster and as we know with all the downs come ups.

Let’s start of this post with being GRATEFUL.

  1. Health: after what have seems like a two year struggle I have reached that ever elusive goal of being off my meds since 2015. It was an incredible struggle but as of October 2017 doctor finally got me off any medications.
  2. Family: back in May my father suffered a heart attack and I was un able to travel at the time my passport was expired and I was away on business. Thanks to my cousins and uncle they were able to be there for my father while I was struggling to get back home and resolve passport issue. Since the heart attack was only minor my father was sent home after a couple days.
  3. Travel: speaking of family im blessed that I was able to resolve all issue regarding my passport both USA & and SPAIN’S passport that as I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting back at a coffee shop in Spain with my family (Evernote is great). Traveling home for the holidays it gives me great pleasure say humbly Thank you for allowing my father another opportunity to spend time with family.
  4. Work & Weatlh: Last but not least thank you for another year of work. While I mention several times over that I want to escape the corporate world called SHAWSHANK. I don’t want to confuse it for me being ungrateful. I have been with the same company day in and day out for the last 24 years, but at 46 I now see that there is more to life then being in charge of a cubicle farm. I am grateful for the steady pay check but now the online world of business is calling me and I know my Solomon’s mine is out there for me to seize. Last I want to say thank you, for the first 20 dollars total I made online for 2017.


Let’s discuss 2017 Manifesto:

I wrote my 2017 Manifesto because of the struggles I had 2015 and 2016 that I need a way to ground myelsf and get the gears rolling for 2017 after loosing my rhythm. I wanted set some small accomplishments that I feel a total satisfactions completing them.

Podcast:  I finally was able to launch the podcats and I am really excited about the prospects of getting guess on the show.

Books: I read a couple of finance  books and business books and some others ones this years such as:

  1. The Sell by Fredrick Eklund.
  2. How To Speak Money by John Lanchester.
  3. How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.
  4. Control by Jordan Van Bravo.
  5. I’m Not A serial Killer by Dan Wells
  6. Invisible Resident by Ivan t Sanderson.
  7. MoonWalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer
  8. Epictetus Enchirion.
  9. The Warrior Ethos by Stephen Pressfield.
  10. Chosen Soldier by Dick Couch.
  11. Lion in the Whitehouse by Aida D. Donald.
  12. The Survivor by John Goddard
  13. Destination Truth by Josh Gates.
  14. New World Ronin by Victor Pride.
  15. The Gunslinger by Stephen King.
  16. Muscle Up by P.D. Mangan.
  17. Down to Sheol by M.T.White.
  18. Profitable Social Media By  Tim Kitchen.
  19. Peak by Titus Hauer.


Well I read 19 books in all for 2017 not bad compared to previous years. My Instagram does show these books and other books too however I never finished those books. I am looking forward to raised the bar and continue reading more books as well as finishing the ones I started.


Accomplish at least five in 2017 from my Life Manifesto:

Do to time constraints and work and let’s not forget a Hurricane Irma last year I was only able to do two of my goals how I bench press 250 pounds and I was able to get the podcats started.

Project Alexandria:  Sadly I started but once again time constraints did not allow me actually to contienue documenting all my books for ever growing library.

Getting Back in Shape: another of failed accomplishment yes I did bench press 250 pounds but i was not able to bring my weight down. Medication I was on contribute to my frustration and lack of motivation to get the gym.

Playing more Golf for 2017: I did play more Golf and I actually started making contacts online to create an online business. Also started making connections with golf courses to create a travel site for enthusiastic golfer coming to Florida.

Now most wont admit to failures in my own opinion I rather share with my audience what I was able to accomplish and where I have failed. Why? Because I’m human and I’m prone to demonstrate that not everything goes as planned.


Manifesto 2018:

Manifesto #1. For 2018 complete five of my accomplishments on The Life Manifesto.

Manifesto #2. Get back in shape: yes I am being corny and total cliché but it is what it is.

Manifesto #3. read more books: no brainer here they say to be a great writer you need to be a great reader

Manifesto #4. Project Alexandria absolutely this is a must. After all I want to document all my books in my collection.

Manifesto #5. Podcast oh but wait Spaniard you already started the podcast yes I did and anyone can start one but it’s the momentum to support it. Bring guess on have a conversation and create an experience.

My 2017 reflections shows I had a productive year and over all personal satisfactions. 2018 will be a challenging year and I look forward to it.

The Spaniard.



2017 Manifesto

As 2016 come to an end and we bring in the new year all of us including myself make a list of resolutions that we would like to accomplish. But sadly, as it’s been said time and time again that not all resolutions are kept and some are abandon as early as third week of January.

Although I have in great detail outline The Life Manifesto I also believe for this site that goals within the 12 months should be created as a means to keep one on task and create a sense of accountability.

Many of you have tweeted me that the site has gone silent this is true and I have mentioned on my tweets since mid-2015 and early part of 2016 I have been dealing with health issues. Besides my health I have taken on further responsibly in my career and not to sound like Al Bundy who scored 4 touch down in one game I received two promotion in one year. After all is said and done, I have been thinking about I Renaissance Man and I have been writing on my notebook ideas and articles that I have been wanting to post.


So, let’s begin:

Manifesto # 1 I will not be doing 52 books in 52 weeks: This is a running joke among my friends who are eager for me to continue working on the IRM site.  They asked me not to start for this year 2017 the challenge again do to every time I do I then fall sick. So, after thinking about it best to let this one fall for the 2018 challenges.


Manifesto # 2 I will be reading books on finance and wealth management: 2017 is the year to make money but then again, every year should be the year to make money. I want to dedicate 2017 to reading books on wealth.  I will however be posting my review on the books I have read for my readers.


Manifesto # 3 I will be accomplishing at least 5 of the challenges on my Life Manifesto: What else can I say that the reason I Renaissance Man was created in the first place. This site is to catalog my journey as I explore different adventures in my life.  I know that I have mentioned it before but being sick is what has prolonged the site moving forward but now more than ever I am excited to get the show on the road.


Manifesto # 4 Getting back in shape and getting down to 10% body fat: I know this is the typical new year’s resolution everyone has but I have already been working out since November. After my last checkup doctors said I was ready to go I wasted no time hitting gym. I have gain weight due to the meds but the way I see it I was in top shape before I will be in top shape now.

Manifesto # 5 Project Alexandria: On I renaissance Man, I have created a page for a two-part project. The 1st part is to get together with nonprofit organization and create a campaign or foundation to provide underprivilege kids with libraries.

I will work with local agency to obtain books and have them sent to countries and schools to create libraries mobile libraries even if they only built a small shelve to house them.

The 2nd part is very near and dear to me I have always loved the story and the history behind The Library of Alexandria and reading that the library may have had over 500 thousand books or scrolls at one point inspired me on my own my personal quest to acquire at least 1% of that which is about 5000 books.

I have a vast library in my home but I have it all over the place and found that I have been purchasing duplicate copies of books that I already own. One of my followers on twitter asked me for books that I recommend and it came to me that I want to catalog all the books I own and post it on IRM.

This is a task that will take a full year for me to accomplish for I have a library in my apt but the remainder of the books are stored in containers.

I will be dedicating time to take out all my books and place them on an excel sheet. I will post my books on the site and will even include links where someone can find them.


Last but not least:


Manifesto # 6 Play more golf and build a network in the golfing community to start a business: So, I had read or even heard Tai Lopez says that when you take on any form of endeavor you should at least give it about 18 months. That’s exactly what I want to do with this resolution it won’t be for a twelve-month period but 18, reason being I would like to bring back my handicap down to a 14 handicap like I had before. I am sure its non-existing now, and would love to get exposure to the golf business.

I had lost momentum when my clubs were stolen from a storage unit I had and I was working towards getting down to scratch. To be honest I even consider at one point giving up the sport.

As luck would have it the clubs that I wanted went on sale this year in April, that I jumped on the opportunity to purchase them and decided to a get back into golf.

Like I said before my focus was my health and it put a stop to a lot my ideas but with a good clean bill of health I am ready to conquer the golf courses for 2017.


So, there you have it my 2017 Manifesto ready to go I’m looking forward to accomplishing these goals and many more.

Have you completed your 2017 manifesto and if so let me know?


The Spaniard.