Why  do we blog? Why did we start a blog? What’s happened  to us? Where did our motivation go?
Questions we ask ourselves time to tune. Especially some of of who revel on the exciting days where we wanted to blog like Victor Pride of the world.
But we lose sight on what matters, the readers some of have lost the mojo because changes in the manosphere orthers (including me ) because of social media.
We all have forgotten how simple it is to bring it back to basic. For me it was getting my iPad accidentally clicking on my favorites screen and bringing  up ROOSHV site archives.
I was curious so went back to the beginning when he started blogging from ROOSHV and I was surprised short well written articles with a lot information and reader engagement.
This is going to be the bases for my writing again short articles with information until I build the motivation and momentum.
Gentlemen If you have lost that drive that mojo that got you your voice and audience why not take it back to basics?
The Spaniard

Figuring It Out

Recently while driving was listening to the Knowledge for Men Podcast heard and episode with guess Ryan Stewman discussing his book F*ck Your Excuses.

This book after reading it made me realized that I had to figure out how to continue getting this blog going. One of the many things that had me stagnated was my health, I’m over that barrier now, other then having high cholesterol I’m in good health.

This book opened my eyes to the recent frustration I had. I would wake up and think I don’t have enough blog post, I’m not making enough online to leave the corporate world, people don’t like my  writing. Well I say scr@&$ it ( insert your own word).

Understating what Ryan did he had his site Harcore Closer for three years and did noting with it. Well it’s the same three year I was stressed and sweating over IRM. While my excuse is health Ryan didn’t care and after three years of waisting time pulled the trigger.

Figuring it out means to me that I want more for I RENAISSANCE MAN. When I started the blog I was inspired by the works of Victor Pride Bold and Determined and Mike Cernovich Danger & Play, enough so I launch my site to do all the things I dreamed of but never dared to do.

Along came social media especially Twitter and I connect with a lot great men and in that connection came a fork in the road that lead me to discussion and arguments that really had nothing to do with my brand.

The truth of the matter social media is a complete waste of time unless you can stay off it and use it to promote your work.

Figuring it out for me is not wasting anytime getting into political discourse with people who are to dumb to understand even if you present them with the truth.

As of late I have been staying away from twitter to focus on blog and topics I want to share with my audience. In addition I am also keeping away from the political arena, everyday waking up reading the same nonsense begins to drag you in and lose sight and focus.

Figuring it out means that if I want to help more men ( especially men like myself in their 40’s) I need to separate myself from the so call manosphere infighting on who’s right or who’s wrong. I think that if we all are in the sphere to help men live better life’s would that just justify to being automatically right?

After all we are in this together who cares wish path to take.


I think health has robbed me of of 1095 days or three years of writing. For starters as I have been feeling like my old self I plan to write more.

I have a Life Manifesto that I have meticulously sat down to write everything I ever wanted to do and see and no time to for it.

Well that’s gonna change moving forward I’m dedicating time to complete at least two accomplishments a month.

Figuring it out is outright not giving a shit what others think of my writing, my content or their opinions.

Too many people on this earth get offended for everything or live life’s of negativity truth be told these people need to grow up.

I remember Mike Cernovich tweeting out that blog is King. I am gonna say this true and this the mindset I want to focus on.

Like I said before less time on the social media platform possibly away only to tweet articles or minor engagements with followers.

There are no excuses to not move forward have more follower engagement after all that’s the reason the blog has a comment section.

The Spaniard.

How I Started A Chess Club


Chess the game of kings, a game played for thousands of year and thousands of generations. A game that every man should play just like golf. A game where Fathers and sons can sit down and settle differences and bond. 


A game that that brings friends as competitors and enemies as friends. Chess is the full body mental workout your mind needs for creativity, problem solving and analytics. 


That’s why I created a Chess Club and what I have learned from its experience.  With that said I just want to give you an overall how I created and how you too can start your own Chess Club. 






All clubs have house rules it’s a fact. Country Clubs have them, the local yacht club has them and even the math club has them. Here is a list of rules. 


A: All members in good standing must have their own Chess boards to participate. 

This is rule is enforced by me and my cofounder. This is by far the single most important rule of the club. 


B: Online play is acceptable for practice but not for keeping score. Why this strange rule? Because some players in the office told me they had no time to do a sit down game. So I was accomidating schedules by allowing online games and accepting the scores. Well turns out one of the member replayed the game through a simulator and discovered that people were using bots to cheat. 


C: Learn to Lose Chess is one of those games that will humble you after a losing. Some might go i with a huge ego to try to always win but learning to lose helps you understand where your weakness are especially if you face a strong player. 


D: Speaking of strong players learn to teach always be willing to show your opponent where they lost take the time to do a replay. Not only is it instructional but it’s also fun. 


E: TRASH TALK IS A MUST nothing says say fun then having some good old fashion trash talk. 





Getting started was as simple as sending out and email to fellas in the in the office and the turnout was more than I expected. Over 11 guys in the office turned out all eager to participate and be a part of the club.


The need for me getting this club off the ground in the office was something that looked almost as stress released. With enthusiasm I would have guys emailing when the games would begin,


I created the first rule of having your own chess board for every member therefore if anyone wanted to play they would not waste their lunch time waiting on a board to become available.


Besides having your own board also keeps that motivation going and folks in the office were not limited to only playing on game day (usually is Wednesday that’s when most could attend).


2017 was my trial year and I had started the by creating a season similar to any sporting event with minds of creating a play off and championship including a Chess Cup.


Now I can’t say that I am following the FIDE system for points but all members agree on the following:


Win 3 points

Tie 1 point

Loss 0 points



Having created this club was something that a lot guys have approached me in the office telling me thank you. It clearly shows by the reactions that it was needed to a sense of bringing guys together a healthy completive was to blow of steam while in the office.


As you can tell this was a just a simple post but wanted to share that its just as simple as getting guys together and begin a club.


You can start your own club too and if your looking to get the same Chess board  and the Clocks we they are available on amazon.


Also gents if your looking for a fun channel not only to learn but watch great matches check out Coffee Chess channel on YouTube. This channel inspired our club.


Till next time

The Spaniard


Reflections 2017 & Manifesto 2018


Happy New Years Gentlemen 2017 came and went. The race is of and we are at the start of 2018 so taking a moment to reflect on all accomplishments and improvement opportunities for the 2017 calendar year.

I can’t believe I wrote this article a year ago Manifesto 2017. I follow it  up with  Reflections: A Look Back at 2015-2016.

I can say that 2017 was a good year a lot  has happened and still happening. The year came like a roller coaster and as we know with all the downs come ups.

Let’s start of this post with being GRATEFUL.

  1. Health: after what have seems like a two year struggle I have reached that ever elusive goal of being off my meds since 2015. It was an incredible struggle but as of October 2017 doctor finally got me off any medications.
  2. Family: back in May my father suffered a heart attack and I was un able to travel at the time my passport was expired and I was away on business. Thanks to my cousins and uncle they were able to be there for my father while I was struggling to get back home and resolve passport issue. Since the heart attack was only minor my father was sent home after a couple days.
  3. Travel: speaking of family im blessed that I was able to resolve all issue regarding my passport both USA & and SPAIN’S passport that as I’m writing this, I’m actually sitting back at a coffee shop in Spain with my family (Evernote is great). Traveling home for the holidays it gives me great pleasure say humbly Thank you for allowing my father another opportunity to spend time with family.
  4. Work & Weatlh: Last but not least thank you for another year of work. While I mention several times over that I want to escape the corporate world called SHAWSHANK. I don’t want to confuse it for me being ungrateful. I have been with the same company day in and day out for the last 24 years, but at 46 I now see that there is more to life then being in charge of a cubicle farm. I am grateful for the steady pay check but now the online world of business is calling me and I know my Solomon’s mine is out there for me to seize. Last I want to say thank you, for the first 20 dollars total I made online for 2017.


Let’s discuss 2017 Manifesto:

I wrote my 2017 Manifesto because of the struggles I had 2015 and 2016 that I need a way to ground myelsf and get the gears rolling for 2017 after loosing my rhythm. I wanted set some small accomplishments that I feel a total satisfactions completing them.

Podcast:  I finally was able to launch the podcats and I am really excited about the prospects of getting guess on the show.

Books: I read a couple of finance  books and business books and some others ones this years such as:

  1. The Sell by Fredrick Eklund.
  2. How To Speak Money by John Lanchester.
  3. How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.
  4. Control by Jordan Van Bravo.
  5. I’m Not A serial Killer by Dan Wells
  6. Invisible Resident by Ivan t Sanderson.
  7. MoonWalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer
  8. Epictetus Enchirion.
  9. The Warrior Ethos by Stephen Pressfield.
  10. Chosen Soldier by Dick Couch.
  11. Lion in the Whitehouse by Aida D. Donald.
  12. The Survivor by John Goddard
  13. Destination Truth by Josh Gates.
  14. New World Ronin by Victor Pride.
  15. The Gunslinger by Stephen King.
  16. Muscle Up by P.D. Mangan.
  17. Down to Sheol by M.T.White.
  18. Profitable Social Media By  Tim Kitchen.
  19. Peak by Titus Hauer.


Well I read 19 books in all for 2017 not bad compared to previous years. My Instagram does show these books and other books too however I never finished those books. I am looking forward to raised the bar and continue reading more books as well as finishing the ones I started.


Accomplish at least five in 2017 from my Life Manifesto:

Do to time constraints and work and let’s not forget a Hurricane Irma last year I was only able to do two of my goals how I bench press 250 pounds and I was able to get the podcats started.

Project Alexandria:  Sadly I started but once again time constraints did not allow me actually to contienue documenting all my books for ever growing library.

Getting Back in Shape: another of failed accomplishment yes I did bench press 250 pounds but i was not able to bring my weight down. Medication I was on contribute to my frustration and lack of motivation to get the gym.

Playing more Golf for 2017: I did play more Golf and I actually started making contacts online to create an online business. Also started making connections with golf courses to create a travel site for enthusiastic golfer coming to Florida.

Now most wont admit to failures in my own opinion I rather share with my audience what I was able to accomplish and where I have failed. Why? Because I’m human and I’m prone to demonstrate that not everything goes as planned.


Manifesto 2018:

Manifesto #1. For 2018 complete five of my accomplishments on The Life Manifesto.

Manifesto #2. Get back in shape: yes I am being corny and total cliché but it is what it is.

Manifesto #3. read more books: no brainer here they say to be a great writer you need to be a great reader

Manifesto #4. Project Alexandria absolutely this is a must. After all I want to document all my books in my collection.

Manifesto #5. Podcast oh but wait Spaniard you already started the podcast yes I did and anyone can start one but it’s the momentum to support it. Bring guess on have a conversation and create an experience.

My 2017 reflections shows I had a productive year and over all personal satisfactions. 2018 will be a challenging year and I look forward to it.

The Spaniard.

Stranger Things



Before we begin let start by saying that this post is not a review about the Netflix television series, but a review about my own experience with the paranormal.

I want to be clear I am not into spirit cooking, but most folks on twitter have asked me or DM me why do I like the world of Paranormal?
I would like to say that my family did not experience anything like an Amityville horror or Anabelle or anything crazy of that magnitude.
Most of the events were very strange and all occurred through third party, and some weird things that we have noticed, till this day my folks and I discuss it all the time.

Stranger Things
It all started when I was a kid I have always loved ghost stories, UFO’s and Bigfoot documentaries these things fascinate me especially when I got one of my favorite book ( I wish it was still available would love to get my hands on that book again) Creatures from UFO’s by Daniel Cohen.
That book introduced me into the fascinating world of the paranormal but little did I as a child I would experience it somewhat.
I wanted to share my story now I don’t have dates, but I have experience and what little I can remember.
So, without further ado.

Creatures from Ufo’s this was my first paranormal book. I am not going to lie I would love to get another copy of this book. If my readers can track one at a good price would love to add to my library.

My parents back in the early 80’s purchased their first home in the SW 19th avenue and 3rd street in little Havana Miami Florida. It was an older home built back in 1926 and the house was sitting on half an acre of land. The home was old and you call tell this was home that build in a time when your neighbor was a mile or two from you. This was considered old Miami.

The backyard did not have a fence and facing the home the backyard extended all the way to the other street being 4th street. The woman who own it was the sister who advised us that the original owners had been living there since house was built and that her sister did pass away in the house and her brother in-law was in hospice.
I remember when my parents were doing the walk through the smell of the house was sort of old musky type smell like the one you would smell when there are old rugs and lots of newspaper.
I remember going to the last bed room (which ended up being my bedroom) this room had large jalousie windows facing the backyard.
I can see through the windows that the house was not well kept and I can say that grass was about 3 or 4 feet high. It gave a creepy feeling like in the horror movies when you’re looking at a cornfield.

This is my childhood home. I obtain the picture from google maps friend told me the neighborhood not very safe. I will be driving by to take actual picture of the home. Also Google Maps protect the address from being shown, I don’t want people bothering the current owner who purchased it since 1987.

The lady talking to my folks told her that the house was kept the same but that when her sister got old they just could not bother maintaining it.
She also mentioned that a common theme was that the kids or teenager in the area like to cut through the yard to get to the other street.
We can see that there was no fence and I can hear my mother telling my dad that she wanted a fence being that we me and my sister especially my sister was so young.

Ok folks now that I have given you some details of the house let’s get to the first incident that occurred. After we moved in my father and my grandfather worked in the back and cut down the grass even removed an old tree. My father took great pride in how well manicured he got that back yard to look.
My dad said he did not like how opened it was and expose to the street and wanted to get the fence installed. I can say as a kid I spent a lot of my time in that back yard.
Here is where the first strange thing occurred one morning as my sister and I were getting ready to go to school my old man tells my mother that he going to go to the back yard there was something strange in the trees.

I went to my room looked outside the window and can see my dad looking up at the tree and all sudden he rushed back in and tells my mom not let me and my sister go to the yard and he was getting his gun.
My mom scared asked him what happened he told her that there was a man all the way up in the tree grabbing on to the tree sleeping.
My mom begged my dad to call the police and not go outside with the gun. After what seem like 30 minutes the police showed up, headed to yard where I can hear the cop tell the man to come down. It was a guy maybe 19 or 20 and once he climbed down he told the cops to tell my dad he won’t come back but not to have the dogs chase him.

My father is a man with no patience especially with people’s stupidity and I can tell you my dad was puzzled as to what the man was saying, I can also tell from my dad reaction and how scared the man was that my father was being patient and felt sorry for the man.
The man describes the incident with details telling the cops that when he got half way through the backyard and was heading to the side of the house to get 3rd street that’s when he noticed the two dogs on the left side of the house staring at him and running toward him he then ran and climb up the tree.

He said that the dogs were circling the tree and that they had the shape and outline of two Doberman Pinchers.
The man said that strangest things was that the dogs did not make any sound no growling or barking but that he can see they had white eyes and the mouth open filled with teeth.
The cop turned to my dad asked him If this is true and If he had Dobermans that those kinds of dogs used for home security needed to be chained, inside the home or behind a fence. Yet we had no fence and we had no dogs at least not the first year.
My parents did not press charges as they could see the man was truly scared and three weeks later or least a month a six-foot fence went up. A year later we finally got two dogs two Doberman Pincher pups.

My folks did a lot of renovations to home and even closed off the chimney that the house has, my parents put a lot labor and love in that house.
Second incident occurred about two years later my parents wanted to take me and my sister to Walt Disney world in Orlando.
My mom had asked my aunt and uncle to join us and I know that It was a long weekend because on the way back my aunt drove my dad crazy wanting to get home as early as possible since she kept repeating that she had to go to work the next day.
Once we got home my dad said he would get the dogs from the kennel on Wednesday we pulled up and my old man told me to get the luggage and help my uncle.
My mom was getting out of the car with my sister when the neighbor from across the street approached my mom and in Spanish ask my mom if we were getting ready to leave.
My mom said no we just got back I can hear the conversation as I was taking out a bag out of the trunk and of course the woman looked at my mom and in Spanish “how can that be?” she said, she saw a woman in the house in the window who waived at her.
Of course, my mom freaked out and in a loud voice told my dad to check the house that someone had broken in.
My father checked that back door checked all the windows and there was no sign of any break in.
The neighbor explained to my mother that the curtains was pulled back and she can see the lady smiling at her and that she can see that the lady was waiving back at her.
I can tell my mom was now not happy and was looking at the house from the outside and at the window gave the neighbor a half smiled and thanked her for at looking after the home.

About 4 days later my mother was doing laundry and like I said we had a huge backyard as she was handling cloth to dry the neighbor on the right side of the house if you’re facing the backyard asked my mother if we were going out of town my mother told her that we had already gone and came back.
This neighbor was also shocked and told my mother that she can see on the back porch through the screen door a little boy on the floor reading she thought it was me says even looked like the way I dressed, ( yeah I wore a lot polo with shorts ) she then mentioned that when she looked at her window at night she found it strange that some of the lights were on (no they were not on a timer) and she says she can see the dogs running around in the yard and found that very strange cause she states we usually don’t leave them outside they usually stayed in what is known as the Florida room ( a room on the back of the home usual a very causal like rom almost like a screened up back porch.)
The third incident I don’t remember when the timeline was but I remember what occurred it was during Semana Santa (Saints week) my parents like to light couple of candles for the saints and pay respect.
I was in the backyard playing and it as was nice sunny afternoon very quiet no wind but not to hot. The door to the Florida room was opened on the screen door was closed so bugs wont get inside, (no need to have the AC running it was not that hot) I remember hearing from the yard my dad complaining to my sister to stop playing around the candles and not to blow them out.
I decided to go inside to get water as I grab the screen door to open in at that instance I can see my sister in the living room leaning into one of the candles and blowing it out. At that moment, I can see the picture on the wall started following one after another (not at the same time) my dad has a grandfather clock and my dad said when the pictures started to fall he can hear that what sound like springs snapping from the grandfather clock. Turns out the clock dismantled itself from the inside.
I was truly shocked and know what I saw there was no wind, and even if it was a wind it would have knock all the picture frames all at the same time not one by one. Another incident that we cannot explain.
From this incident, later as we got older my sister mentioned to me that there was time that when you were in the living you get a feeling that someone was watching you.

I also remember hearing sounds of footsteps but we had marble tiles floors the footsteps sound like a barefoot slapping when walking around.
My mom about 5 years ago in 2012 when I went to visit my folks in Spain talking about the house told me she at times could hear voices in kitchen and sometimes could have sworn that heard her name being called out.
We sold the home 1987 and never looked back some of my friends have told me that the new owners had taken one of the bed rooms made it into a small efficiency with its own access from the side of the house near the backyard.
Friends told me that the new owners have not been able to rent the room for more three months tops because renter have complained about dogs in the yard and other weird things.

Like I mentioned before nothing of the caliber of Amityville Horror occurred but sitting here writing about this made me realize that I sometimes was really creeped out in that house.
Till Next time

The Spaniard.

Benched And Joined The 250lb Club

Well on Friday night July 14 I tweeted out with excitement that I had gone to the gym and benched pressed 275lb. Little did I know that I had placed on my life Manifesto to join the the 250 club and I exceeded my plan. I had placed it as one of my achievements and I’m honored and without knowing that this was first accomplishment scratched from The Life Manifesto.

when I sent this tweet its was if someone mentioned I won the lottery.

Now that I looked back the last three months I have been working very diligently  on my bech press because I saw all my peers and mentor benching 275 and up.

I trained for it and I certainly utilized doing push ups every morning about 100 but not consecutively also notice that deadlifts where contributing to my overall strength.

Stuck to my guns, made sure my diet was on point. My diet gents, was consisted and  boring at times but did not deviate.

Monday through Friday

Pre breakfast 5am protein shake
9:30 am 4 egg whites and two strips turkey bacon.
10:30 coffee black ( just energy )
12pm -1:15 cardio running or rowing machine.
1:15 lunch two turkey burgers or chicken breast side of spinach
2:30 pm can tuna
I’m actually full around this time.
6pm bowl of ground turkey two eggs
Gym around 8:30pm
9:30 pm or 9:45 Salmon 6oz with vegetable.
Ginger tea call it a day.

I want to make it clear to my audience that I am not on any form of TRT I am 45 years and I don’t believe in it for me. It took me three months of constantly obsessing over the bench press but taking my time to achieve my goal without getting hurt. With that said time to tackle another challenge.

The Spaniard.

Reflection: A look back at 2015 -2016

Reflection: A look back at 2015 -2016.

While I sit here in my computer I’m here thinking back about the last twelve months wondering, how I was seven months sick in bed not able to do anything not wanting to do anything but think about getting better. I did not even want to read, workout, write or even hang out with my friends.

Now that 2016 has come to end most of us are starting the new year reflecting on failures but we never take the chance to focus on the accomplishments.

What I will say that when I started I Renaissance Man, I had started 2015 full of fire and wondered at the time what if We tend to take a lot of what life has for us for granted we tend to let those everyday things that we consider mundane and boring be put to the side for another day.

Yet when we are in a moment of weakness and are not able to have the mindset to do anything that’s when those mundane things become treasure that we so want and desire. I was in sick for months and while I was sick could not go to work yet I desired my job.

I desired my office I desired being around the people that I something had no interest in talking to yet I was now wanting to be my old self I was grateful to my dungeon office.

I was ready to take life back I wanted to be overwhelmed with work so I can get out of my own skin and out of my own head.


But as I remember back in 2015 & 2016, I realize that although I had a very bad time in those months I realize the good things have happened to me.


What am I grateful for 2015- 2016:


I’m grateful for my website realizing that this site is what is keeping me and making me stronger.


Health underlined: I’m grateful that my health has returned to me in late October mid-November this was a fantastic slowly seeing that my strength was returning to me and making me feel better for things that I had set aside to concentrate on my health such as reading, writing, working out, and fixing the site. In addition, I wanted to feel better because my family was coming from Spain.


Family: my family visit from Europe in December I’m very grateful that I’m able to see my mother and father and enjoy the holidays with them as I previously tweeted in January 2016 that saying goodbye is the hardest part to family.


My apartment: it was a rough start in 2015 I don’t mean health wise but I mean living conditions originally when I first moved to my current apartment unit was not the original unit. The first The first apartment they were about to give me was delayed due to the previous tenant burning down the kitchen. The second apartment that they had given me upon receiving the keys space there was an infestation of termites. So, what I’m grateful for is that the management of the building gave me for the same rent a bigger unit facing the east side.


Traveling with family: I’m very grateful that I was able to take my family to visit the northern Florida and visit Saint Augustine. I love it the city is old and quaint, it’s a city that makes you feel like you’re in Europe.


I want to conclude this post by saying the 2017 will be a very bright year a positive year a year of prosper accomplishments


The Spaniard



2017 Manifesto

As 2016 come to an end and we bring in the new year all of us including myself make a list of resolutions that we would like to accomplish. But sadly, as it’s been said time and time again that not all resolutions are kept and some are abandon as early as third week of January.

Although I have in great detail outline The Life Manifesto I also believe for this site that goals within the 12 months should be created as a means to keep one on task and create a sense of accountability.

Many of you have tweeted me that the site has gone silent this is true and I have mentioned on my tweets since mid-2015 and early part of 2016 I have been dealing with health issues. Besides my health I have taken on further responsibly in my career and not to sound like Al Bundy who scored 4 touch down in one game I received two promotion in one year. After all is said and done, I have been thinking about I Renaissance Man and I have been writing on my notebook ideas and articles that I have been wanting to post.


So, let’s begin:

Manifesto # 1 I will not be doing 52 books in 52 weeks: This is a running joke among my friends who are eager for me to continue working on the IRM site.  They asked me not to start for this year 2017 the challenge again do to every time I do I then fall sick. So, after thinking about it best to let this one fall for the 2018 challenges.


Manifesto # 2 I will be reading books on finance and wealth management: 2017 is the year to make money but then again, every year should be the year to make money. I want to dedicate 2017 to reading books on wealth.  I will however be posting my review on the books I have read for my readers.


Manifesto # 3 I will be accomplishing at least 5 of the challenges on my Life Manifesto: What else can I say that the reason I Renaissance Man was created in the first place. This site is to catalog my journey as I explore different adventures in my life.  I know that I have mentioned it before but being sick is what has prolonged the site moving forward but now more than ever I am excited to get the show on the road.


Manifesto # 4 Getting back in shape and getting down to 10% body fat: I know this is the typical new year’s resolution everyone has but I have already been working out since November. After my last checkup doctors said I was ready to go I wasted no time hitting gym. I have gain weight due to the meds but the way I see it I was in top shape before I will be in top shape now.

Manifesto # 5 Project Alexandria: On I renaissance Man, I have created a page for a two-part project. The 1st part is to get together with nonprofit organization and create a campaign or foundation to provide underprivilege kids with libraries.

I will work with local agency to obtain books and have them sent to countries and schools to create libraries mobile libraries even if they only built a small shelve to house them.

The 2nd part is very near and dear to me I have always loved the story and the history behind The Library of Alexandria and reading that the library may have had over 500 thousand books or scrolls at one point inspired me on my own my personal quest to acquire at least 1% of that which is about 5000 books.

I have a vast library in my home but I have it all over the place and found that I have been purchasing duplicate copies of books that I already own. One of my followers on twitter asked me for books that I recommend and it came to me that I want to catalog all the books I own and post it on IRM.

This is a task that will take a full year for me to accomplish for I have a library in my apt but the remainder of the books are stored in containers.

I will be dedicating time to take out all my books and place them on an excel sheet. I will post my books on the site and will even include links where someone can find them.


Last but not least:


Manifesto # 6 Play more golf and build a network in the golfing community to start a business: So, I had read or even heard Tai Lopez says that when you take on any form of endeavor you should at least give it about 18 months. That’s exactly what I want to do with this resolution it won’t be for a twelve-month period but 18, reason being I would like to bring back my handicap down to a 14 handicap like I had before. I am sure its non-existing now, and would love to get exposure to the golf business.

I had lost momentum when my clubs were stolen from a storage unit I had and I was working towards getting down to scratch. To be honest I even consider at one point giving up the sport.

As luck would have it the clubs that I wanted went on sale this year in April, that I jumped on the opportunity to purchase them and decided to a get back into golf.

Like I said before my focus was my health and it put a stop to a lot my ideas but with a good clean bill of health I am ready to conquer the golf courses for 2017.


So, there you have it my 2017 Manifesto ready to go I’m looking forward to accomplishing these goals and many more.

Have you completed your 2017 manifesto and if so let me know?


The Spaniard.

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week # 4Book # 4


Mars And Venus In Touch By John Gray PH.D.


In 2014 I read Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and I will say that it gave me a clear perspective of the dynamic in relations between a man and a women. After a break up I found that book in thrift sometime in October of 2013 and it was months after that I decided to read and it improve the way I think and date.

Fast forward I discovered this book in a thrift shop for only .25 cents in 2015 and once again took me months before I came around to reading it. I will begin to say that this book is somewhat similar to Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but it focus more on the power of communication. I like to think of this book as the cliff notes of Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. John gives you ways of better expressing yourself and your significant others. This book gives you insight on the why modern women are unhappy, men at work and home and how to get a man to listen and so.

This tiny book is great as a quick read and being fair with the challenge when I do read a tiny book I read it for a second time. This is a must have if you don’t want to read Men are from Mars and women are from Venus ( I also highly recommend) and want to know how he or she thinks or want a better line of communication with your partner. This book benefits both men and women with the given scenerios explain by jonh.

I did notice that this book may have been a special print since its part of the Hallmark Books collection so trying to track this book in any local store was very difficult to find.  The book is available on Amazon for only 00.1 cent. Yes you read it correctly only a penny according to amazon.

52 Books In 52 Weeks 2.0: Week #3Book#3


How To Be A gentleman By John Bridges

Do you lack etiquette? Do you lack class? Well don’t fret John Bridges book How to Be a Gentleman a Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy is here to help. This book covers helpful tips of when you need to be a gentleman. This is is for men who are  serious about their self-perfection. It offers a lot insight on what to do and how to act in large party setting and what sort of silverware to use. What I like about the book it is a short read, so short I took my time to read it and read it twice.

The book is a quick study guide should a need a rise as the author states:

“A gentleman is someone who makes others feel comfortable. Good manners is simply a matter of common sense and courtesy.

While this is a tiny book  so is this review without giving away so much of it. I will say that the chapters  break down is what make the book a quick read and how the chapter intertwines with each other,  painting you a picture of scenarios. Such as when how much to use cologne, the etiquette of a cigar, when to wear a tuxedo, how to make a dinner reservation and how to order a wine these are the many gentlemanly things you will find this is book. I do approve of this book being in your library. Not only does it teach you common courtesy and etiquette but it truly is a well written classy book.

How to be a Gentleman By John Bridges is available on Amazon.